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Phenological phase influences allelopathic potential of water leachates of Acacia dealbata obtained using simulated rain

Reigosa, M. J.* and Carballeira, A.**

* Fisioloxía Vexetal. Departamento de Bioloxía Vexetal e Ciencia do Solo. Facultade de Bioloxía de Vigo. Universidade de Vigo. Aptdo. 874, Vigo 36200. Spain Phone: 34-86-812616; Fax: 34-86-812556; e-mail:
** Ecoloxía. Departamento de Bioloxía Fundamental. Facultade de Bioloxía. Santiago de Compostela. Spain


Water leachates of aerial parts of Acacia dealbata Link were artificially obtained during one complete year, beginning during flowering, and bioassayed to explore their allelopathic potential on germination and growth of Lactuca sativa L. Var. Great Lakes. Results indicate that the potential phytotoxicity is related only to blooming phase, independently of other factors that could also influence this allelopathic effect. A short methodological discussion about the validity of obtained results is done.

Keywords: Acacia dealbata, Allelopathy, Germination Bioassays, Lactuca sativa var. Great Lakes, water leachates.

RECEIVED: April 6, 2016
ACCEPTED: May 24, 2016

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